Why 8000+ Super Rich Indians are Leaving the Country?


desire to improve living standard


Having enough money always increases the demand of better things. Rich Indian people choose European countries to maintain their living standards.

gain better education facilities


For better growth and development of children,  infrastructure of education is one of the most  important point. To experience better education system for their children.

experience better health facilities


After the pandemic of 2020, Indian people want to get better facilities in health care system. Countries like France, Italy etc. are attracting rich Indian people for their best healthcare system.

experience visa-free travel


Everyone wants to experience visa-free travel. Indians are moving to the countries like America, Japan, Singapore etc. to get a strong passport and travel visa-free.

Avoid stringent tax residency rules


Progressive and strict tax residency rule of India are one of the main reason to migrate to the countries like Bahamas, Brunei, Maldives, UAE etc.

better investment and work opportunity


Rich Indians are fond of better investment opportunities. They are choosing European countries to invest in better ways.

avoid demographic pressure


Rich Indian people want to avoid demographic pressure to gain better facilities. they are moving to Australia, Norway, Switzerland etc. 

experience better socio-economic and political environment


Rich people want to experience better governance, democratic environment, HDI, Innovation Index, etc. they are migrating to Switzerland, Norway etc.