Tips To Maintain iPhone Battery Health

avoid maximizing charge cycles


The less use of iPhone always complete fewer charge cycles. 40% to 80% use of battery in a day provides a long lasting battery life.

avoiding charging iphone overnight


Charging iPhone overnight allows more current into already full cells. Charger should get removed after the battery is full.

turn off unused festures


The so-called power hungry features like Bluetooth, Location, Background apps, Gaming apps etc. must be turned off for increasing battery life of iPhone.

using official apple chargers


Only Apple certified chargers can maintain the normal lifespan of an iPhone. It protects iPhone from power surges and short circuit.

investing in an iphone case


iPhone cases protects the device from dirt and leads to a longer battery life. Also, the case protects the device from damaging severely. 

update to the latest version


Software update improves the speed and performance of device with enhancing battery life. The additional features like battery saving features comes with software updates in iPhone.

avoid temperature changes


Extreme low or high temperature may damage the core components of iPhone . Keeping the device in regular temperature can keep the health of battery well.

avoid charging full


Charging iPhone 100% can diminish the lifespan of its battery. iPhone must be charged from 80% to 90%.