Most Expensive things owned by Taylor Swift


Two customised Dassault Falcon jets make Taylor Swift's travel comfortable and quick. Each jet costs around 40–45 million dollars. 

 Two Private Jets

Taylor Swift owns a costly breed of cats that includes Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Scottish Fold cats. Each cat is valued at around $1500.

Expensive cats

Tylor Swift's high-end, fashionable clothes and accessories collection is a million dollars' worth. Her most exclusive collection is a Christian Louboutin backpack, which is worth $1237.

 Designer Clothes and Accessories

Taylor Swift has hired a famous fitness trainer, Justin Gelband, who is expensive but totally worth the price.

Personal Trainer

Tylor's top four most expensive cars are the Toyota Sequoia, Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz Viano, and Audi R8, which range in price from $100,000 to $650,000.

Expensive Cars

This popular singer owns eight real estate properties in the United States that are worth around 85 million dollars, which makes this young singer super rich.

Real Estate

Taylor has gained huge popularity, awards, and wealth through her blockbuster albums such as 1989, Midnights, Reputation, etc.

Successful music albums

Taylor Swift has costly leg insurance worth $40 million to ensure her lively, high-energy live concerts.

Legs Insurance

This extravagant duplex is luxurious, cozy, and super stylish and was bought by Taylor Swift in 2014.

Tribeca Penthouse

This gorgeous singer owns an incredible shoreline property that is expensive, splendid, and spacious for throwing parties.

Beach House at Rhonde Island

Taylor Swift describes this expensive industrial-style penthouse as "whimsically girlie," and it is considered her real estate debut.

Nashville Condo