How to make Detox Water for Glowing Skin?


lemon water


Adding lemon juice in water is a good detox water recipe for having glowing skin. It helps to prevent kidney stones, oxidation and provide a potassium boost. Also, it is a good way to loose weight.

Adding crushed mint in water is another way to get glowing skin. It helps to lose weight, improve digestion and brain function, fade dark spots, heal wounds, and remove wrinkles.

mint water


Strawberry water


Adding crushed strawberries to water and having it can slow down aging, reduce hyperpigmentation, and brighten skin. It also boosts metabolism, immune system, and helps to lose weight.

ginger water


Adding ginger slices to boilking water with some turmeric, lemon and pepper will be a perfect detox water. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, fades scars and acne spots, keeps hair and scalp healthy.

cinnamon water


Adding cinnamon sticks in a pot of hot water and simmering it for 20 minutes can be a perfect detox water for glowing skin. It helps to lighten skin colour, reduce the signs of aging and decrease acne spots.



Adding basil leaves or crushed basil in water is a perfect option to get acne free skin. regular intake of this detox water can reduce pigmentation, support healthy aging and prevent dandruff.

cucumber water


Making detox water with cucumber and having it daily can give a clear and hydrated skin.  It can be made by adding sliced cucumber to fresh water. Fresh mint and lemon can be added to it. 



At first, coconut is broken and the water is poured into a glass. Then chopped coconut flesh is added to it. This detox drink can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase skin elasticity and lower blood pressure.