Avatar: The way of water ( Review Roundup)

The sequel to the box office hit movie "Avatar," released in 2009, has arrived in theaters, so let's unwind its reviews.

"This movie is bigger in every aspect and must be seen on a bigger screen to absorb its vividness."

Reviewer Charlotte O'Sullivan of the Evening Standard says that this movie is breathtaking, and plot-wise, "The Way of Water" is treading water

"Through cinematic storytelling and a well-documented love of the sea, this film advances its first in gleaming and ocean-deep ways"

This movie has too many ideas that were tightly plotted in the lofty three hour movie, making it bloated for viewers - by Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

"The Way of Water" is enthralling, and this sequel will repeat your experience with the first," wrote Wenlei Ma of

Reviewer David Sims says that Avatar: The Way of Water is rousing, and various locations keep the audience astonishing but focused

Amazing underwater hangout movies and old-fashioned story telling dazzle the audience, according to Los Angeles Times reviewer Justin Chang

According to reviewer Kevin Harley, the movie is "dazzling, supersized, and rippled with currents of genuine emotion."

"With so many striking images and resolved action plots, Cameron's creation is a complete experience of a new world."

Reviewer Keith Ulrich says that "Way of Water" is a work of entertainment that provides genuine thrills and includes pioneering pageantry